I have never been in love. I have loved a-lot, but never with my heart. I like to be alone. A singular soul. That is how I was born and if dying is the fate we are unable to change I need to be prepared. I want it easy, without strain. I look at funerals, damn.. Is that how it ends. Dirt pushing up flowers of a new life to be stepped on and crushed all over again. Your tears are my fears. Freedom running away. I am afraid to lose it. I don’t want to be remembered that way.

O.K. I have a confession to make.

I mold myself after the woman who broke my heart. I only love’em when I fucke’em, is what she told me, and really tore me apart. So now you must suffer. You want to change our ending, but this is what attracted you in the beginning. I care, I swear… Fuck Shit, Godammit, I really fucking do, but I lost everything to love once, so even tho I want to, I will never allow myself to love you.

I write to breath. I write to give. I write for happiness.

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