The Making of an American Idol

(Slavery Still Exit 1! by Laurie Cooper)

In an article called the “Darwin Fraud” neuroscientist, and psychologist J.R. Black, wrote about cracking the Caucasian code. Describing “racism and bigotry as white disillusion of its own race.” He originated the phrase bi-polar, which he explained “was caused by a white person’s envy and deficiency of black interaction.” The secondary definition-proved Anglo-Saxon men as the originators of homosexual relations.

Dr. Black’s paternal name was Richard White, which he changed after researching his heritage and discovering he owned a percentage of Negro slave blood Amerikkka’s white, colonizing fathers of rape, instilled in this country’s veins.

At the time, he was also a thriving artist, (his paintings consisted of white landowners overlooking their plantations. Easy money-stroking the ego of superiority) But, after accepting his “low blood gene”, which many of his peers rejected within themselves-he was considered the trash beneath them.

His pure, winter chilled wife, fled with their children, emptied bank accounts, and spread rumors of her husband being a “nigger lover.”

Destruction inspires art and sex as a personal form of divinity, becoming enlightened steps towards self-discovery.

Reacting in vengeful outrage equal to discovering a spouse’s affair, J.R. painted the nation’s first banned picture, displaying a truth, considered by whites as insane. A scenery so scathing, Birth of a Nation director D. W. Griffith, convinced his brothers-the Klu- tard- men, to steal it during the Nazi regimes visit and acceptance into our state- united in arming racists.

The red-carpet welcome party, given to America’s German siblings, happened in one of the world’s brutality capitals- New York City, where liberty grants freedom to hate. In which, the Nazis recruited and gained undying support for their conquest of non-pure bloods. A business trip protected under government loopholes, to secure funding from white organized war crime. (This is a portion of Amerikkka’s snowball history: absorbing and hiding previous detriment to the present.)

The stolen picture depicted the creation of Amerikkka’s flag and uniform. A white sheet, hung to dry, separated slave owners and their wives. On one side, the husbands were raping slaves, on the other, their indifferent wives, cut eye holes for their slave-step children to watch their reward for disobedience.

Black children, averting and covering their eyes, were shown whipped for not enjoying high-class entertainment. The sheet was painted red with their blood.

(It must be noted; throughout history, lowly whites, failed to realize they were, by lack of education, and wealth, practically slaves themselves- trash, being their descriptive label. And, because they wore the same clothes, were outwitted and killed by brave escapee’s pretending to assist “massa”, in a search for run-aways.) — -The painting showed White wives stitching blue pieces of cloth onto the ghostly sheet and cutting out stars, symbolizing authority and rank. The tears and sweat from forced sex illuminated the blues associated with Black terror. Creating the first uniform worn by lowly whites, forming the original department of slave police-commonly known as patrols.

J.R. died an outcast. Not for divulging secrets in a one-sided war for supremacy, where the white race claimed hero and victim, but for portraying them as the original inhumane villains of America’s history.

Their god forbids revelations portraying proof of any Black, non-Caucasian assumption as truth.

J.R. was burned alive and buried by the Klan. His tombstone, stating “Here a Nigger Lies.” was placed outside of their founding location in Tennessee.

A unit of Black freedom fighters burned down the establishment, dug up the body and transported it to a secret location. The Klan continues their search for J.R. Black’s grave to this day.

The University of America helped me master rewriting history.


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