The Beginning, Somewhere in the Middle

Image from Get Out Movie 2017

The beginning- somewhere in the middle

I have a power. I have power. Nothing from the comics, but it does have… Makes me inhuman in a way, but in a natural way the perfect human. Just… Let me explain.

When you’re under constant pursuit because the police don’t like you.

When your parents’ pressure you because their having issues-that marriage business. Prompting supply runs from “that other” location because they won’t repair what they need to fix.

When you hump that pillow, practicing the moment you will bust out of youth. Then the girl leaves you to chase an older sly cat: you stay, loyal, and take her back. Now you’re a dog with a mean streak. Licking her wounds so you can slob her neck and leave, giving her the cold shoulder-leaving a bitch in heat.

When you won’t fight because you are weak from pneumonia and the harm it would cause the people around you-at that moment. But you beat yourself so bad, despite the truth. It’s embarrassing to be known for that. So, you catch them- gloves, ski mask, baseball bat, and react in surprise from the news of a surprise attack.


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