Hypnotic Love

Lanna sat across from her therapist. “I want to be hypnotized”

Therapist; that’s an odd request. Why?

Lanna clicked the metal heels on her shoe. “I have an attraction to ruining my life and I want to end it.”

Therapist; What type of ruin?

Lanna shoots him a look reserved for cheating men. The type that shrivels. She sighed, staring at the long stripes on his pants, wondering if he could measure up. She clicked her heel.

Lanna; Forgiving my cheating husband. I don’t want to love him anymore. It should be easier.

Therapist; why?

Lanna; “I could have done this myself with those type of questions.” She clicked her heel.

Therapist; why should it be easier?

“Did I already say he was a cheater? She answered herself with a laugh and continued. “Because I’m dealing with the ridiculousness of his overdue male pregnancy. Why is that only men get away with idolizing anything rivaling goodness or compassion?”

She clicked her heel.

“ Womanizing pigs, eat, live, and breath their own shit and are honored as meat of the gods. And, I hate bacon. After my pregnancy, my legs were the shape of a stump. Thighs, legs, and calves, rooted in thick.” “They don’t tell you pregnancy makes you a house of comfort for everyone except yourself” “He wouldn’t even touch me until I lost weight and his boobs are bigger than mine!” “You would think he’s the one breastfeeding” And I’m supposed find his black hole crater of a belly button attractive?”

She clicked her heel.

“I cant even look at it because I’m afraid I’ll get lost which is obviously what happens to all of our food. That must be where his dick is because I sure can’t find it and I know he can’t see it.

She clicked her heel.

Therapist; have you talked to him about it?

Lanna; “Is there a football game on in your head? You’re not even pretending to be engaged in this conversation.” “You know… you are the second therapist I’ve had this month. The one before you was a woman and all I could think of was how familiar she smelled.”

She clicked her heel.

Therapist; what smelled familiar?

“The scent of him sneaking in late. I know what sex smells like and I’m perfumed differently.”

Therapist; So you thought she was having sex with your husband?


Therapist; Why her specifically?

Lanna; “I followed him to her office. It was three blocks from here.” “ Beautiful building with purple trim around the doors.” She clicked her heels.

Therapist; That’s my wife’s office.

Lanna; She’s also a therapist right?

Therapist; “Yes” shifting uncomfortably.

Lanna stands and walks towards towards him. Methodically playing the hypnotic sound of revenge against the tune of love. The takeover is absolute. She clicked her heel, then dragged it, creating a scraping sound as she hollowed him, replacing his thoughts and desires with her own.

The therapists eyes glazed over. He was hypnotized.

Lanna; “Your wife is fucking my husband.” “You must cut them as they have cut us.” “Wound them, make them so ugly and damaged they will only rely on each others love as a crutch.” “But more importantly, your wife’s lover must terminate his pre-nup.” “Do you understand?”

Therapist; I do.

Lanna kisses him gently.”Great, same time next week?”

Therapist; Yes. Same time next week. How do you feel?

Lanna; Like we had a real breakthrough.

Anthony Markland

I write to breath. I write to give. I write for happiness.

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