Image from movie get him to the greek

A couple not allowed to date, because of they were a different race. He was black and she was white. Surprised her family during dinner. Before all appetites were lost, the black man made her family a magic bet that would allow him to date their daughter.

Black Man; “U.S.A. stands for United Standing Alone. The dark night separated from the light, so naturally, you believe blacks.”-he pointed animatedly at himself, “should be separated from whites. It’s unfortunate because my race embraces every color.” He smiled brightly, drawing them into his pearly white teeth, big and straight as one would imagine heavens gates. He usually only smiled that big when she was sitting on his face. But now, this moment was because he knew they would be seeing his in their dreams. “Will you allow me to date your daughter if I can show why Blacks are one of the world’s wonders?”

Her parents were fuming. Faces red as sun-burnt lobsters. Thinking it was impossible, they let him continue with his offer.

Black Man; “I bet I can make you see ME every time you close your eyes, and, I will guess the exact image when it is time.” He moved his middle finger in a circular motion on top of the table they were seated.“On the count of three I want you to close you’re eyes for ten seconds”

Her parents glared at their daughter annoyed and ready to dis-own her. “You promised” she said, then kissed her father’s head. Her parents settled in and let the trick begin.

Black Man; “One… Two… Three” He watched her parents follow his instructions. He counted silently for ten seconds. “Open your eyes” he spoke softly. Again, watching them follow his lead.

“Well!” Her parents said anxiously.

Black Man; “You saw black. You saw ME.” Laughing arrogantly. He kissed their daughter gently.

“AAhhhhhh!” The mother screamed. Kicking and punching the table and air. Unable to hold back.

The daughter laughed and replied”That’s what she said” as she rubbed her Black Man’s bald head. “I went black, and now I can never go back”

Anthony Markland

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