Art by Henry Taylor

For all the mothers who fight for their sons. And the Fathers who refuse to abandon them.

Fathers leave because… They enjoy being alone, until they get horny. Blood sucking kids drain them like sex with a partner they’ve been plotting an escape from. The requirement of providing for someone who will never reach full independence, is selfishness beyond comprehension. And, selfishness, is not a family affair, it’s not meant to be shared. And when it is, depression creates a lasting form of expression.

Fatherhood magnifies childhood insecurity and lack. They see the life, friends, family, their youthful body, age…

There are two kinds of people who fear memories.

What happens in church-stays in you.

Kyle was thirteen when he was sent to church camp. A place where children enact their freedom to rebel. Forcing councilors to rearrange the activity log on the first day. They were supposed to partake in introductory activities. But, boos, and tantrums with threats of “I’m gonna call my parents to come back and take me home.” And “then you’ll be fired.” “Yeah.” “And evicted.” “And homeless”, showed the anger, ignorance, and power of youth.

Kyle was taught “first impressions are lies of armor”, but…

(Slavery Still Exit 1! by Laurie Cooper)

In an article called the “Darwin Fraud” neuroscientist, and psychologist J.R. Black, wrote about cracking the Caucasian code. Describing “racism and bigotry as white disillusion of its own race.” He originated the phrase bi-polar, which he explained “was caused by a white person’s envy and deficiency of black interaction.” The secondary definition-proved Anglo-Saxon men as the originators of homosexual relations.

Dr. Black’s paternal name was Richard White, which he changed after researching his heritage and discovering he owned a percentage of Negro slave blood Amerikkka’s white, colonizing fathers of rape, instilled in this country’s veins.

At the time, he was…


Art by Bansky

positive Positive POSITIVE

BANG! BANG! BANG! They yelled in child’s play. Two girls Imitating their favorite videogame.

“I’m positive I can kill all the negative.” “It’s where we live, so It’s all relative.”

A salaried protector ran up, aimed, shot.


Nothing goes quicker than a black behind the trigger.

She was an artist who never imagined creating her own chalk outlined feature.

Her mother ran up. Clothed to hide in plain sight. Embarrassed that her daughter would ruin her life.

The girls gave each other a look, secretive as a whisper. …

Image from Get Out Movie 2017

The beginning- somewhere in the middle

I have a power. I have power. Nothing from the comics, but it does have… Makes me inhuman in a way, but in a natural way the perfect human. Just… Let me explain.

When you’re under constant pursuit because the police don’t like you.

When your parents’ pressure you because their having issues-that marriage business. Prompting supply runs from “that other” location because they won’t repair what they need to fix.

When you hump that pillow, practicing the moment you will bust out of youth. Then the girl leaves you to chase an older…

(Art found on google)

(“Der Krieg,” by Otto Dix,)

He was home for two years before I saw him smile. During the funeral for a friend. I saw it. A smile that could turn a life upside down.

We got home, I turned on the game, he stared at the wall. I guess he couldn’t get past the one in his head. I learned not to interrupt, but I never felt uncomfortable around him until now.

“ Bro! Were you smiling at the funeral?”

He stood up. “If you listen, life teaches you to remember everything good and bad. You learn to find the pleasure in both.” …

(Art by Dana Schutz)

I haven’t prayed since my brother…When he got hurt…Put in the hospital. I had a dream I killed the people who put him there. I even prayed about getting away with it. It was one of those paralyzing dreams, requiring surrender to move on, that’s what I remembered yelling. ‘I SURRENDER.’ I fell into a hole I never climbed out of. I have accepted that. That’s why I understand sadness, chaos. There are some things you must accept in this life before you are able to commit a rewarding sin. It’s just like we’re taught happened in those old religious…

(Art by Jordan Casteel)

I started by wishing him well but ended wishing I killed him. All of them actually. They called me all sorts of names. Imagine that. These well-wishers, perfect during perfect times. One guy in particular, swelled up in a way money and attention provide-the holiest of personal wars.

‘This is a wishing well you…’ He allowed the on lookers looks to finish his sentence. I applauded him for that, considering money helps angry people finish lives.

He was dressed like a smart man, what I imagine an ivy league professor to wear. Leather man purse. …

Anthony Markland

I write to breath. I write to give. I write for happiness.

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